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Find out which foods and environmental factors are giving you problems?

We also provide mineral, hormone and stress analysis

New for 2017: Nutrition DNA Genetic Test

Determine your genetic predisposition to metabolism, food sensitivity and breakdown, hunger and weight, vitamin metabolism, eating habits and addictive behavior to foods

Digestive Health Testing

If your aim is to find out what's causing your constant bloating, wind, acid reflux or your changeable bowel movements and want to stop it, great: you are in the right place.

Your Predisposition to substances that may impact your health and well-being

Food Intolerance Study

- The most complete intolerance test on the market, we cover:
     - Food Items.
     - Metals (Toxicity).
     - Minerals.
     - Nutrition.
     - Stress and Hormone levels.
     - Non Food Items.
     - Nutritional Items (Vitamins and Minerals)

- With over 1.2 million tests completed, we have the experience and technology to guide you.

- Our customers are more than happy with their results and they are highly recommended.

- We work with 270 doctors and medical practitioners providing them with clinically precise results.

Signs and symptoms of intolerance

If you are experiencing any of these then you have food intolerance or sensitivity. Our test will give you an idea about possible causes and could help you improve your health and lifestyle.

Food Intolerance Study

1. You're rushing to the toilet numerous times per day.

2. You experience chronic muscle or joint pain that tends to be widespread.

3. Caffeine sends your system into overdrive.

4. You experience frequent headaches or migraines after certain meals.

5. You constantly feel exhausted despite sleeping well.

6. You don't tolerate wheat products despite testing negative for celiac disease.

7. You have an underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism).

8. Milk and yoghurt upset your stomach.

9. Your rheumatoid arthritis continues to get worse.

10. Certain foods give you rashes, eczema or other skin conditions.

11. General headaches, bloating and stomach cramps.

12. You know that a meal rich in onions or garlic gives you gastroenteritis.

13. Loss of balance.

What's your diet doing for you?

Do you suspect your diet is having an adverse effect on your well being? Our intolerance tests will give you the information to guide you to a better diet.

We also test for are stress levels, hormones levels, metal toxicity and nutritional items.


Test Your Intolerance!

Your individualized test is based on current state of the art technology that draws in over three decades of research by thousands of health care professionals and scientists dedicated to improving human conditions. We are an accredited laboratory with a Ph.D. trained staff.

Despite the fact that you believe you have a desirable lifestyle, including diet and exercise, there may be problems that can arise.

Out test can provide 300, 600 and 750 different food, environmental, metals, stress and hormone factors. This makes our test the most comprehensive available.

Price: £49.00

300 food, environmental, stress and hormone factors

Price: £69.00

600 food, environmental, stress and hormone factors

Price: £89.00

750 food, environmental, metals, everyday chemicals, stress and hormone factors

Nutrition DNA Test

Price: £129.00

Nutrition Genetic Test and 750 food, environmental, metals, everyday chemicals, stress and hormone factors

Digestive Health Testing

Price: £120.00

Digestive Health Testing

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